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Bureau of Financial Institutions

What is the Buró de entidades financieras?

The Buró de Entidades Financieras (Bureau of Financial Institutions) is a tool where you can get information about products offered by financial institutions, their fees and commissions, complaints brought by consumers, their records of malpractice, their administrative fines, unfair terms in their contracts and other relevant information for your consideration.

In the Buró de Entidades Financieras you will know who is who in banking, insurance, financial institutions of various sectors as well as other institutions. Also, you can compare and assess financial institutions, their products and services, and you will have a wide range of elements to choose whatever it suits you best.

All this information will help you choose a financial product and also know and use better those that you have already.

The Buró de Entidades Financieras is a tool that can help economic growth in the country and promote competition among financial institutions, which will encourage transparency as it reveals information to consumers about the performance of these financial institutions and the products they offer. This service also ensures a responsible use of these financial products and services as their details are easy to access by the public.

All these advantages can have a positive impact on social welfare, as when collecting in one point this myriad of information about the financial system the user is given a wider approach for the optimization of their money, to improve their savings, use correctly the credits that will strengthen its economy and to get the insurance services they need, among others.

What type of information is held in the Buró de Entidades Financieras?

The Buró de Entidades Financieras contains information about Globo Cambio Foreign Exchange Casa de Cambio Filial SA de CV Actividad Auxiliar de Crédito regarding its performance face to users when offering products and services.

Visit the Bureau de Entidades Financieras at www.buro.gob.mx.

Information included here only refers to Globo Cambio Foreign Exchange Casa de Cambio Filial SA de CV Actividad Auxiliar de Crédito. For information about other companies, please visit www.buro.gob.mx.

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