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Travelling abroad always causes a little anxiety. That is why we all buy travel insurance and we take great precautions. But, have you thought if your travel money is covered by your travel insurance?

Sorry, the answer is "no".

At Globo Cambio, we want to cover the special needs of international travellers, and this is why we have launched our travel money theft insurance, specially thought for our customers (both at our branches or online). Thanks to this insurance you can travel free of worries. No matter where the theft happens, if you bought your money at Globo Cambio, you will have it back quickly and easy (up to 20 days since the transaction) through the specialist insurance company Europ Assistance. 

You are covered worldwide. Thefts occurred within the country of residence of the insured party and thefts of local currency are not included.

Complete insurance covers:

  • Theft of the insured money: Europ Assistance protects the travel money you bought at our branches with compensations of up to € 100 or € 300 per insurance cover, depending on the amount exchanged. To receive compensation, submit the police report (only robberies are covered, not steals) in the country where the incident took place and the exchange transaction receipt.
  • Early return due to force majeur (fire, theft, flood): If during your trip you experience a force majeur event (fire, theft or insurance) in your home or workplace (in case you are legal representative of the company affected and/or your presence is required), Europ Assistance will offer you a flight return ticket in tourist class or in train, first class up to home. 
  • Theft or loss of travel documents: In case of loss or theft of travel documents, you will have your costs reimbursed, as long as they are duly justified. These costs include new issuance theft or loss of bank cards, bank cheques, traveller cheques, passports or visas, up to a limit of €100.
  • Lost luggage assistance: Europ Assistance will help you with your delayed or lost luggage and you will be assisted with the paperwork if you are to make a claim. If the luggage cannot be found immediately, Europ Assistance will dispatch it to your door—unless presence of the owner is required to recover the lost property.
  • Cash advance: Europ Assistance will provide you with a cash advance of up EUR 3,000, subject to your personal guarantee of reimbursement by credit card. Cash advances are to be returned within 30 days.
  • Credit card fraud: Europ Assistance will reimburse up to EUR 150 for fraudulent charges within 24 hours before the loss or theft is reported and subject to the bank’s evidence, up to EUR 150 for a 20 day cover. Bank card thefts will be reimbursed subject to submission of the relevant policy report in the place where the theft happened. Cash withdrawal from ATMs is excluded from this guarantee.

Click here for terms and conditions  (pdf). If you still have questions, ask at any of our branches or call our Customer Service number.

Incident notification:

If any of the events previously listed happens to you when covered by the insurance, notification should be made within 7 days after the event happened.

In order to have your expenses reimbursed, go to the following website and follow the steps

Any questions? Call +34 91 769 04 05 (international call).

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